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K-12 School Programs : Public Relations/Technical Writing Assignment (all grade levels)

The pictures below link to six different travel brochures for the state of New Mexico. Using these brochures as a guide, create a pamphlet emphasizing the advantages of visiting your own home town or some other attraction that you know about. Integrate maps, images, and text describing the area to entice people to visit.

These projects can range from pencil and paper drawings (suitable for all age groups and the appropriate starting point for more complex tasks), to collages using magazine images and written text (suitable for middle school and high school students in traditional classrooms), to sophisticated documents using graphics and layout software (suitable for high school students in computer-assisted classrooms).

Visit the Jemez Country

Take the Skyline Drive

See Acoma, Laguna, Enchanted Mesa

Drive the Park to Park Highway

Pause in Albuquerque

Hot Springs NM: Health Capital of the Southwest



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